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Free Pay As You Go SIM Deals

SIM Only Deals are perfect for those with an existing phone or tablet they are happy with, plus you'll usually get much more data, texts and minutes with these deals.

Displaying Free Pay As You Go SIM deals, from Vodafone, EE, GiffGaff and O2 through to all the other UK networks.

Get Vodafone Free Pay As You Go SIM Cards

Vodafone Pay As You Go SIM

  • Consistently rated best for 4G in the UK.
  • Great rewards when you top up.
  • Manage your usage with ease with My Vodafone App.
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Get EE Free Pay As You Go SIM Cards

EE Pay As You Go SIM

  • Data boosts every three months on Top Up.
  • Never go over your data limit.
  • Superfast 4GEE speeds across the UK.
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Get O2 Free Pay As You Go SIM Cards

O2 Pay As You Go SIM

  • Bundles with large data allowances.
  • Simple PAYG packs if you prefer classic PAYG.
  • O2 rewards for great value extras.
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Get Three Free Pay As You Go SIM Cards

Three Pay As You Go SIM

  • Get extra value when you exchange your Top Up for an Add-On.
  • Super simple pricing and the UK's lowest PAYG rates.
  • 4G at no extra cost.
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Get giffgaff Free Pay As You Go SIM Cards

giffgaff Pay As You Go SIM

  • Great value goody bags of calls, data and texts.
  • Free calls and texts to giffgaff numbers..
  • Always on 4G data at no extra cost and tethering included.
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Get Vodafone Free Pay As You Go SIM Cards

Virgin Pay As You Go SIM

  • Get reward minutes, texts or data.
  • Choose from Big Data and Texts or Big Talk packs.
  • Free calls to other Virgin Mobile customers.
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About Free Pay As You Go SIM Deals

About SIM Only deals

When you buy the Standard SIM, you'll often get a great deal that includes plenty of inclusive minutes, texts or data. It's important to be aware of how Contract contracts work though

Contract phones are a great choice when you want to spread the cost of a new phone across a set timeframe, plus get lots of minutes, texts and data to use - they're perfect for heavy users and those that dont want to worry about running out of credit.

Even though there are many advantages to buying the Standard SIM, there are some drawbacks that are important to take into account. We weigh up the pro's and con's below to help you decide if the Standard SIM is right for you or not.

How do Contract Deals Work?

First, lets take a quick look at how Contract Deals work

Buy the Standard SIM and you'll likely be able to get it for free, depending on the monthly contract cost.

There is a trade off with the monthly cost and the inclusive minutes, texts and data you'll get to use each month. A higher monthly cost usually equals a cheaper uprfont cost plus more minutes, calls and texts.

Some deals also include Cashback and Network or Retailer Discounts, these mean the total cost of ownership is much lower than their equivilent deals.

Why Choose the Standard SIM?

Plenty of inclusive minutes, texts and data

Buying the Standard SIM means you dont have to worry about running out of minutes, texts or data, and you'll get loads each month as part of the monthly contract.

A new shiny phone at upgrade time

You'll be able to upgrade to the newest phones at the end of your contract for a much cheaper price, you'll also be able to haggle usually with the network as the bargaining chip is on your side - you can choose to leave if a different network has a cracking offer you can't refuse.

Great value for money

When you buy a mobile phone on a Contract contract, usually the price you pay (or even when you get it for free) is a subsidised price that is built into the contract. Effectively you're spreading the cost of the mobile phone over an extended time period, making the latest high-end mobile phones more affordable.

The Standard SIM vs. Pay As You Go

If you buy the Standard SIM, you'll more than likely pay less for additional minutes, texts and data than you would as part of an equvilent Pay As You Go plan.

Contract means the cost of the mobile phone is spread out over a set time period so you've not got a large upfront cost to cover.

Most Contract plans come with great extras such as music subscriptions (Deezer or Spotify), inclusive insurance or cashback.

Avoiding Bill Shock with your Contract Contract.

So you've just bought your shiny new Standard SIM and got your first month's bill, but it's much higher than you thought it would be. Whats going on?!

Some networks actually take a month in advance, so your first bill is actually for two months - it's important to take this into account when budgeting for your first bill.

You can also keep a track of your usage during the month easily enough with most networks, they've got online areas and mobile apps to let you check your current usage against your plan.

You can check online at the following networks:

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