Network offers: From SIM only to half price phone deals.

We thought that we’d do a round up this week of different offers from around the networks. There’s quite a lot on offer. Some of these are time limited, but there’s quite a range to be had.

O2’s SIM only bonanza

If you’re already happy with your handset then going SIM only allows you to shop around for a different plan. This is useful if you need to downgrade the plan, or your priorities have changed. Familiarity with a handset and not having to move all your apps/media across to a new phone often outweighs the need for a new phone.

O2 have recently knocked off a considerable amount from their 12 month contract SIMs. The best of these offers by far is their unlimited texts/minutes SIM with 10GB of data for a not too shabby £19 a month. This is brilliant value compared to the previous price.

Being with O2 you’ll benefit from Priority access to events and ticketing, as well having the TuGo Wi-Fi app. TuGO allows you to call and text for free using the app on a wireless connection. Very handy for when you’re abroad, the app uses your inclusive minutes and texts. If you like having shorter contracts than 24 months and you are happy with your handset as it stands; this could be the deal for you.

Other deals include unlimited texts/minutes and 26GB of data for £26 a month. This is an ideal contract plan for those of you who value having lots of data handy. You’re only spending £7 more than the previous plan, getting nearly double the data in the process. All of these contracts are for 12 months, after which you can switch if a better deal comes along. We encourage you to read our in depth article on SIM only deals too..

Check out O2’s SIM Only Deals here

Vodafone’s Red Entertainment SIM only packages

Vodafone have enhanced their SIM only range with the addition of premium entertainment packages. You are now able to select discounted Red Entertainment packages. These range from a NOW TV Entertainment Pass, Spotify Premium or Sky Sports Mobile TV. If you are into media on the move and you are focused on SIM only these could be the deals for you. The first Red package comes with unlimited minutes/texts and 16GB of data for just £19 a month (previously £32 a month). This is a pound less than the O2 deal but actually has an extra 1GB of data! The inclusion of any of the entertainment packages makes this an extremely good value plan.

If you’re hungry for a little more data then the next plan with unlimited minutes/texts and 20GB of data comes in at £22 a month (down from £35 a month). This plan also includes the premium entertainment pass of your choice. Other SIM only deals, from Vodafone through Carphone Warehouse, include free Beats EP headphones. If media is your passion, these are the deals that will satiate your entertainment needs. All plans are for 12 months and include Vodafone global roaming. Just be sure to check that the country that you are travelling to is on their list.

You can find all the Vodafone SIM only deals here.

EE bundles offering huge value

EE have a great reputation when it comes to adding as much value as they can to their pay monthly phone deals. The deal they currently have on the Sony XZ in Mineral Black is no exception. Not only do you get a phone with a 23MP rear camera that shoots in 1080p, you get a whole range of added benefits and gear. This deal includes unlimited minutes/texts and 8GB of data. There’s a range of deals available on the Sony XZ but they all come with the following:

  • GHD straighteners
  • 6 months Apple Music for free
  • Free use of the BT sport app for the lifetime of the contract (24 months)
  • Free Wi-Fi on the London Underground

By anyone’s standards, that is quite a comprehensive package! If you are into photography or you want to watch your sport on a TRILUMINOS screen, then you could do a lot worse than EE’s offering on the Sony XZ.

Checkout the deals on the Sony XZ on EE here

Half price on the Samsung Galaxy range on Three

Three are currently offering substantial contract cuts across their entire Samsung Galaxy range. This includes the new flagship Samsung S8+. Three are charging only half price on the contracts until January 2018. If you want an S8+ but want to save some money right from the start, these deals will work for you.

The S8+ features a near bezel free screen, inbuilt iris scanner for enhanced security and expandable storage for all your media. Just to make it clear, the six months half price contract applies not just to the S8+ but the entire Samsung Galaxy range. We carry all these deals on our price comparison tool.

The best deal we’ve found offers the S8+ with unlimited minutes/texts and 12GB of data for £26.50 a month (until January 2018). The only thing to bear in mind is that the price of the contract will go up to £53 from January 2018. Having said that, you would have saved a grand total of £159 until that time. With a personal hotspot and Feel At Home texts/minutes/data included, these deals are crying out to be had.

You can find deals on Three here.

iD Mobile bring SIM only solutions for all

iD are a small operation but they have fast become masters of the SIM only market. They have dropped the price on nearly all their SIM only plans. If you like the security of capping your bill, then these deals are very appealing. All of iD’s SIM only plans come with data rollover, inclusive EU roaming and critically, capping.

There’s nothing worse than going over your data limit and getting a taste of bill shock. iD has the answer. Their caps start as little as £5, so if you’re after the cushion of a capped plan iD’s solution is ideal. The best value plan we’ve seen is their SIM only plan with 1000 minutes, 5000 texts and 5GB of data for just £10 per month. The cheapest SIM only plan comes in at just £3.99 per month with 500MB of data, 500 minutes and 5000 texts. This plan is ideal for light users who mostly use Wi-Fi.

You can find all of iD’s SIM only plans here.

We’ll bring you more deals in the coming days as they are announced. In the meantime, feel free to use our handy comparison tool to browse all the deals here. We work hard on your behalf, updating  250,000 deals daily. We carry all the online exclusive deals, as well as the deals that you’d find in retail outlets. We’ve got you covered.

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