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Compare the latest SIM Free Mobile Phones, or search for a specific phone.

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About Mobile Phone Deals - Sim Free Deals

About SIM free mobile deals and offers

SIM free mobile deals are usually the best option if you need to replace a broken or lost mobile phone and have an existing contract or SIM card, or if you’ve found a cracking SIM only deal and need a great SIM free mobile phone to go with it.
How SIM free mobile deals work
SIM free deals are super simple – you’re effectively buying the mobile phone outright and usually this means it’s unlocked on all mobile networks too. You will however need a suitable pay as you go SIM or monthly contract SIM to go with it before you can use it. This makes SIM free mobile deals perfect for pairing with SIM only deals, as the total equivalent cost can be lower of similar contract mobile deals.

Why choose a SIM free mobile deal?

SIM free mobiles offer the ultimate in flexibility
Even with some pay as you go deals you’ll find that the mobile phone is still locked to the mobile network, and you’ll likely have to pay a fee to get it unlocked. SIM free mobile deals come completely unlocked and you are free to choose whichever network you want without having to pay an additional fee.
You own the mobile phone outright.
In comparison to contract mobile deals, with SIM free mobile deals you own the mobile phone outright from the start. This means that if the mobile phone gets damaged or lost, you won’t still be paying for it as part of a contract. We’d always recommend taking some type of insurance out on the high-end smartphones if you did get one on SIM free as the cost to replace one can be eye watering.
SIM free mobiles are not customised by mobile networks
When you buy a SIM free mobile deal it’s like buying direct from the manufacturer, which means it is free from any additional software usually added by mobile networks that can bloat or slow the mobile phone down.

Things to consider with SIM free mobile deals

Do you have a suitable SIM card?
You’ll need to check that your existing SIM card fits your new SIM free mobile phone, and there’s quite a few different sizes to consider! Most networks will be able to send you out a new SIM card if you need a different size, just give them a call before you buy the mobile phone.
You must buy the mobile phone outright
Some of the more high-end smartphones on SIM free deals are very expensive, and it’s important that you insure it against loss or damage. Some bank accounts or house insurance policies include mobile phone loss or damage so it’s worth checking you’re not already covered before taking out a new policy elsewhere.

Choosing a new SIM free mobile deal

Finding the perfect SIM free mobile deal can be a minefield, there’s a lot to consider and the upfront cost can be high depending on the mobile phone in question. We’re aiming to make this easier through our website and comparison tool. Although the key factor here is overall cost, it’s worth considering and comparing any special offer deals too where cashback or free gifts are on offer.

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We’re totally unbiased towards any particular network, brand or retailer so you can be sure our recommendations are completely impartial, it’s important that you find the perfect mobile deal for you.

How does this site make money?

When someone uses the website and purchases or upgrades via us, we receive a small referral fee. This keeps the site running and allows us to improve the website, it’s important that you understand that the fee comes directly from the retailer and it is not passed onto you.

We also from time to time find great deals that we wouldn’t receive a fee for, we’ll happily list these alongside the other deals and point them out just as much!

How do you determine which deals to show and in which order?

We find many hundreds of thousands of deals every day, and filtering through them to hunt down the deals that we think are awesome takes time, but we’ve got years of experience in this industry and try to highlight the deals we think are best value.

These deals might not always be the cheapest per month, or have the highest spec mobile phone, but overall we try to list a huge range of deals to suit everybody.

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