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Compare the latest Contract Mobile Phones, or search for a specific phone.

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About Mobile Phone Deals - Contract Deals

About contract mobile deals and offers

Contract Mobile Deals should be considered carefully and compared before you take the plunge as often they involve lengthy contracts. To make sure you get the best contract mobile deal it’s worth spending that extra time considering your options, which deal is the best value for you?
How contract mobile deals work
When you take out a contract mobile deal, you’ll have to sign a contract which ties you to that mobile network for a set period, usually these mobile contracts between 12 months and 24 months. The cost of the mobile phone is included in the mobile deal by way of being subsidised into the monthly payments, this is an easier way to get that high end mobile phone such as the Apple iPhone 7 or Samsung Galaxy at a lower cost. However, this can come at the expense of a higher monthly payment which it’s important to consider overall cost of the deal. The contract mobile deal will include a certain number of inclusive minutes, texts and data and anything you use in addition to these set amounts usually incur extra cost, so check the overage charges if you do think you’ll sometimes stray into this area.

Why choose a contract mobile deal?

Contract mobile deals can be great value for money
The right contract mobile deal will usually give you the best possible value for your money with inclusive minutes, texts and data (so you can use your new mobile phone online) but it’s important you choose the right deal depending on your current usage, so check your bill to get guidelines on how much you’ll roughly need first.
Contract mobile deals include a mobile phone usually at a subsidised price
The latest mobile phones are usually available first on contract mobile deals, and there’s certainly a huge selection to choose from these days. Depending on the contract mobile deal, you’ll find that the mobile phone is cheaper than buying SIM free and on higher end contract mobile deals the mobile phone can even be free (at the cost of a higher monthly payment though!).
Upgrade deals can sometimes be better than new customer deals
At the end of the contract you’ll be eligible for an upgrade offer of sorts, these are usually along the lines of money off your contract, a discount on a new mobile phone or additional texts, data or minutes to use. Sometimes these deals can be better than deals new customers are offered as it’s better for the mobile network to retain existing customers than to lose them to a competitor! If in doubt, always ask to be put through to the retentions team.
Never worry about running out of minutes, texts or data.
You’ll get a set amount each month inclusive in your contract mobile deal and some even include unlimited texts, minutes or data. In comparison to pay as you go you’ll be sure that you won’t suddenly run out of minutes, or get cut off browsing online by running out of data. But remember, if you go over there will likely be additional charges

Things to consider with contract mobile deals

Check your network coverage first
Coverage is a big thing between the major mobile networks, with 4G coverage becoming much stronger these days. This however, still looks to be limited in rural areas so make sure you use each mobile networks’ coverage checker first, on home work and play.
You’ll be locked into a lengthy contract on most contract mobile deals.
As we mentioned earlier, most contract mobile deals mean being tied to a lengthy contract from 12 to 24 months so it’s important you are certain about your usage before signing up. It’s worth considering also if you’ll be happy with the mobile phone you’ve chosen 12 months down the line, or do you absolutely have to have the latest models? If so, then 24 month contracts are probably not for you.
Check overall cost for your contract mobile deals
It’s not always the lowest monthly payments or lowest (free) mobile phone deals that are best, it’s confusing when you must consider minutes, texts and data in this too! Use our comparison tool to work out the total overall cost too, so you can easily check which is the best deal for you.

Choosing a new contract mobile deal

If you’re looking for a new contract mobile deal, we’ve tried to make the process more transparent and easier with our comparison tool. Compare cost per month, overall cost and allowances such as texts and data and using the Hot UK Mobiles website you can search and compare the latest and best contract mobile deals. It’s also worth considering any additional cashback offers, free gifts or extras that come with the contract mobile deal too. These can range from free Wi-Fi access, cinema tickets, music subscriptions and insurance – all handy depending on your needs so make sure you check those too.

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How does this site make money?

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We also from time to time find great deals that we wouldn’t receive a fee for, we’ll happily list these alongside the other deals and point them out just as much!

How do you determine which deals to show and in which order?

We find many hundreds of thousands of deals every day, and filtering through them to hunt down the deals that we think are awesome takes time, but we’ve got years of experience in this industry and try to highlight the deals we think are best value.

These deals might not always be the cheapest per month, or have the highest spec mobile phone, but overall we try to list a huge range of deals to suit everybody.

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