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Need a phone with a true 4K HDR screen? The Sony Experia XZ Premium is a beast of a phone for all things media related and more. Offered by EE via, the phone is FREE with 10GB of data at the very respectable price of £37.99 a month. You will also benefit from unlimited minutes and texts.  In this post, you'll find the full details of the deal. If however, yo...


If there's ever been a case of the "Free" phone deal NOT being the cheapest (or best!) then we can't find a better example than this Apple iPhone 6S Rose Gold Deal. There's an upfront cost of £50 but it's not all about the "Free" phones - overall cost should always be taken into account, and in this case this deal at £27.99 a month rolls in at £721.76 over the course of the ...


Aching to get a new phone and need a tonne of data? The S7 Edge is still a highly desirable smartphone and ideal for people who stream media to their phone or have limited access to Wi-Fi. Offered by Three via, the phone is FREE with 30GB of data for the ludicrously low monthly price of £30 a month. You can find the full details of the deal in this post. How...


Update: The voucher code is now up to £75 from £50 originally! So you'll now get a Samsung Galaxy S8 in Midnight Black for just £25. We've just been pinged by the guys over at, they've released a deal for the mega data-hungry out there. A massive 20GB of data each month plus get £75 off the Samsung Galaxy S8 Midnight Black using voucher code 75OFFPAY. There...


The Samsung Galaxy S7 has been incredibly popular with others visiting us here at Hot UK Mobiles, so it's only fair we pick out one of the best deals available at the moment on this awesome smartphone. Since the Samsung Galaxy S8 was released there's been some pretty amazing deals launched by mobile networks like Three, EE and Vodafone - we're almost spoilt for choice on the S7...


How does a FREE Samsung Galaxy S8 sound? Awesome right? Well there's also UNLIMITED calls and texts, plus a fairly decent 2GB Data each month too. All this is from EE via the guys and also comes with £25 automatic cashback. This is one of our top deals at the moment and is very popular it seems with the folks using our comparison tool! The Phone The S...


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