Get £75 off the Samsung Galaxy S8 with 20GB Data and Unlimited Calls & Texts for £39.00 per month.

Update: The voucher code is now up to £75 from £50 originally! So you’ll now get a Samsung Galaxy S8 in Midnight Black for just £25.

We’ve just been pinged by the guys over at, they’ve released a deal for the mega data-hungry out there. A massive 20GB of data each month plus get £75 off the Samsung Galaxy S8 Midnight Black using voucher code 75OFFPAY. There’s not shortage of great deals on this new Samsung smartphone but to get this much data for under £40 a month with such a low upfront cost is a fantastic deal.

Normally you’d be looking at £100 upfront with this deal, but using the voucher 75OFFPAY you’ll get the phone effectively for £25!

All for £39.00 per month, which with the £75 off voucher code means you’ll pay £961 in total over two years – a cracking deal for under a grand.

The deal is available until the 4th of August, so if you’ve been considering the Samsung Galaxy S8 and need lots of data each month, now could be the time to take the plunge!

The Phone

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is Samsung’s latest super smartphone and has been received extremely well by their existing fan base and the Android community as a whole. It’s certainly shots-fired across Apple’s bow.

The display itself is simply beautiful, it’s incredible. Featuring the “Infinity Display” there is a sliver of a bezel, making older Galaxy phones and iPhones look chunky. It’s the type of screen that makes others double-take when you get it out of your pocket or bag. And despite being a decent sized screen at 5.8-inches, you’d swear it “feels” smaller due to this, it’s like the phone is playing mind games with you.

Camera wise you’ll find a 12MP rear camera and an 8MP front facing camera – perfect for selfies and panormaic photos alike.

The most interesting feature we feel however, is the eye scan to unlock feature. That’s right – the Samsung Galaxy S8 will actually scan your iris using the front facing camera to unlock the phone. Scary and impressive at the same time. There’s also an option for face recognition to unlock the phone too.

The Samsung S8 is a great choice for those looking for the latest smartphone from Samsung with advanced features. Definitely a “power-user” smartphone.

The Monthly Plan

The 4G Non-Refresh Plan is on the O2 network and available via

The key part of this deal is the MASSIVE data allowance. 20GB per month to be exact. This is more than enough for even the heaviest of users, you wont struggle when downloading or streaming films or music here. It’s definitely for those that like to be safe in the knowledge they’re going to struggle to hit their data limits each month.

Supplementing this we have unlimited calls and texts – it’s truly for those that like a worry free contract, and at under £40 a month is an absolute bargain.

With O2 you’ll also get loads of extras like O2 Wi-Fi, O2 Priority and Free Wi-Fi on the London Underground.

The Deal

This deal has expired, but don't fret - we've got thousands of amazing deals from all the UK's top networks


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