Free Sony Experia XZ Premium Black 64GB with UNLIMITED messages & texts plus 10GB of data on EE for £37.99 a month!

Need a phone with a true 4K HDR screen? The Sony Experia XZ Premium is a beast of a phone for all things media related and more.

Offered by EE via, the phone is FREE with 10GB of data at the very respectable price of £37.99 a month. You will also benefit from unlimited minutes and texts.  In this post, you’ll find the full details of the deal. If however, you feel the need to have more data on your plan (or are just plain curious) do feel free to use our deal comparison tool. You can review all of the XZ Premium deals here. Then simply hit the compare button on any deals that you think will suit you.

The Phone

The XZ Premium is quite the hot item in the world of smartphones and rightly so. The standout features of this phone are the premium screen and camera combination. The 5.5-inch screen 4k HDR image quality display – a first for any smartphone on the market. Couple this with the ability to shoot video in 4k and take ultra high-resolution pictures.

We know what you’re thinking – 4k recording? That must use a tonne of memory. Well, it certainly uses more than standard or HD video. But fear not, the XZ Premium comes with an expandable memory slot with enough room for -wait for it – 2TB of space! That is more than enough room to house your recordings, music and so on. Just be sure to check that you have got the right SD card, in this case, you’ll need a micro SDXC card.

This phone has some very helpful technology bundled with it. The Eye Motion rear camera can shoot slow motion four times slower than any other smartphone. In tandem with this, the Predictive Capture software means that even if you think you’ve missed a shot, the phone will have taken four images before you even press the button. So even if you think you’ve missed that one off moment, there is every chance the phone has already snapped it. Hats off to Sony!

The Monthly Plan

This deal comes to you from EE via EE have created a deal that ticks all the boxes. You get the most capable media phone on the market for FREE. You also benefit from unlimited minutes and texts. The data allowance of 10GB, for most of us, is more than enough headroom of data. Bear in mind though that if you’re sending someone a 4k video file then that will be a fairly large file. We’d advise you to switch to Wi-Fi if you’re sending very large files, so you can keep your 4G data for streaming media on the move.

What else does EE offer you besides the above? If you’re in or around London then you get free Wi-Fi access on the Underground. Beyond that, you’ll receive full access to the BT Sport app and Apple Music for six months at no charge. Pair that with double speed 4G and free EU roaming and this is quite the deal. We recommend you jump on this, as deals can change at short notice. If you love Android phones and you salivate at the prospect of recording and watching media in 4K, then this is the deal for you.

The Deal

This deal has expired, but don't fret - we've got thousands of amazing deals from all the UK's top networks


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