Free Samsung S7 Edge 32GB with Unlimited Minutes and Texts plus 30GB of data on Three. Only £30 a month!

Aching to get a new phone and need a tonne of data? The S7 Edge is still a highly desirable
smartphone and ideal for people who stream media to their phone or have limited access to Wi-Fi.

Offered by Three via, the phone is FREE with 30GB of data for the ludicrously low monthly price of £30 a month. You can find the full details of the deal in this post. However, if you’re looking for something a little different you are most welcome to use our deal comparison tool – check out other Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge deals here and hit the compare button on any deals you find interesting.

The Phone

The S7 Edge remains one of the most sought after handsets to date. The S7 Edge takes amazing photos even in low light, packing a much more sensitive ISP sensor. Paired with this is a 12MP Dual pixel camera and 5.5 inch sAMOLED screen allowing you to marvel at your media.

The S7 Edge benefits from having expandable memory of up to 200GB, which can come in very useful if you have a particularly large media library. Couple this with the ability to charge wirelessly, IP68 rated water resistance and a near bezel free screen.

Couple this with the ability to charge wirelessly, IP68 rated water resistance and a near bezel free screen. Enhanced security comes courtesy of a fingerprint sensor, which you can also use for online purchases to speed up the process with Samsung Pass. All in all, this phone is still a heavyweight that provides a knockout experience.

The Monthly Plan

This deal is brought to you by Three via Three are throwing everything at this deal. Not only is the phone FREE, you will benefit from unlimited minutes and texts plus an incredible 30GB of data. If you find that you’re constantly hitting your data limit and you’re on a plan with say 15GB this is a plan that will save your data woes. This will allow you to stream and download on the move and is particularly useful when there’s limited Wi-Fi availability.

So how do Three sweeten the deal even further? If you live in London or are London bound then you get free Wi-Fi access on the Underground. If you’re an audiophile Three also throw in 3 months access to Deezer for free. You will benefit from Three’s Feel At Home plan element, which basically means that you can use your phone abroad at no cost using your inclusive data, minutes and texts. This covers 60 countries, just be sure to check that your country is covered before you fly.

The Deal

This deal has expired, but don't fret - we've got thousands of amazing deals from all the UK's top networks


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