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We're bigger, better and faster than ever before.

Since Hot UK Mobiles was launched, the site has compared millions upon millions of deals for thousands of visitors over the last couple of years and has grown in popularity at an unexpected rate. Alas, it started to creak at the seams slightly and I needed to do something to cope with the increased demand and additional retailers I work with. So, I redesigned the site and rebuilt it from the ground up, adding new filters, a smarter comparison system which runs autonomously behind the scenes and a spruced up visual design.

Loads more mobile phone, tablet and mobile broadband deals.

The previous version of Hot UK Mobiles compared hundreds of thousands of deals every day. Purposely focusing on all UK networks and resellers to ensure the best deals are compared, removing any duplicate deals or just plain duff ones. However, the site was originally built on a shoestring budget and we only had so much capacity and power behind the scenes. As the site increased in popularity and visitor numbers grew, we found the site slowing down. Not a great experience for anyone. We want our visitors to find the latest and best deal for them quickly, without all the fuss.

While I was rebuilding the site, I knew it needed additional capacity and power but at the same time I'd increased the number of retailers I work with and deals we can list and compare at the same time. The site now regularly lists over a million mobile phone, tablet, mobile broadband or SIM only deals every day. 

A bit overwhelming though, right? So we had to make it easier to filter through this huge number of deals.

How to make finding the best mobile phone deal easier. 

We've redesigned the deal finding process completely. Having looked at how our visitors found a deal and the path they took, plus the factors that influenced such as which mobile phone they wanted and the variant, we saw a clear opportunity for improvements. No longer do you have to do the sums to work out the best deals over 12, 18, 24 and 36 months. If the deal is available, the website will automatically search for the cheapest overall 12 month, 18 month, 24 month or 36 month deals and list them out for you.

This new feature looks to be already proving popular as more people wise up to the fact it's not just the cheapest per month, or cheapest upfront price that really matters. 

There's more to come...

So while the website is bedded in (we've got a lot of new features in the pipeline and a few bugs to squash) take a look around, try a few comparisons and find a phone deal or two. If there's any feedback or questions you can get in touch on the Contact Us page.

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