Apple iPhone 6S 32GB Rose Gold with 5GB Data plus UNLIMITED Calls & Texts for £27.99 a month. Just £50 upfront!

If there’s ever been a case of the “Free” phone deal NOT being the cheapest (or best!) then we can’t find a better example than this Apple iPhone 6S Rose Gold Deal. There’s an upfront cost of £50 but it’s not all about the “Free” phones – overall cost should always be taken into account, and in this case this deal at £27.99 a month rolls in at £721.76 over the course of the contract.

We’re pretty certain you won’t find an equivalent deal online, sure there are cheaper deals monthly and overall, but do they come with both UNLIMITED calls and texts? Plus 5GB of data?

We’ve used our comparison tool extensively to find this deal, swapping loads of deals in and out until we came to the conclusion that this is a deal that should not be missed. If you’re in the market for a new iPhone 6S (which is still a fantastic phone, despite the iPhone 7 being the latest) and like the look of the Rose Gold colour – you wont got far wrong here.

The Phone

The Apple iPhone 6S is a great looking phone and replaced the iPhone 6 in Apples line up quite recently. Even though the iPhone 7 is now the new kid on the block, and we bet the iPhone 8 isn’t far off, the iPhone 6S still holds it own.

This particular model is the iPhone 6S in Rose Gold and has 32GB of memory. The colour itself seems to have become a favourite and quickly sold out on pre-order when the iPhone 6S was released and the memory should be enough to satisfy most – especially when combined with iCloud storage.

In terms of specifications, the iPhone 6S comes with a 4.7 inch Retina HD display plus the fancy 3D Touch feature where you can tap and hold on the screen for extra features – like one-touch message replies. Combine this with stronger glass and a aluminium body, the iPhone 6S is more resistant to the odd drop but we’d still not recommend dropping it from any significant height!

You’ll also get the now standard Touch ID, Live photos and fast 4G LTE.

The Monthly Plan

The 4GEE 5GB Plan is on the EE network and available via

The deal itself comes with 5GB of data each month and Unlimited Calls and Texts. The data allowance should be more than enough for average users, and if you tend to stick to Wi-Fi at home and at college, uni or work then you should avoid hitting your limit each month. Unlimited calls and texts leave you in the safe knowledge you can call and text to your hearts content.

When you take out a 4GEE plan with EE, you’ll also get unlimited EU calls and texts plus 500MB data each month too, perfect for the summer holidays. With EE, it doesnt matter if you’re a sport or music buff either – get Apple Music and the BT Sports App free for six months too.

The Deal

This deal has expired, but don't fret - we've got thousands of amazing deals from all the UK's top networks


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